Bhavish Yalamanchi

Knowledge is power.
Freedom thrives on curiosity.


My name is Bhavish Yalamanchi, I'm 20 years old and am a second year computer science student at The University of Texas. I am currently focusing my energy on learning more about AI topics such as Deep Learning and Neural Networks. I am also very interested in Networks and the ongoing security developments that are being made in the industry. Outside of Computer Science, I spend much of my time listening to music and finding new tastes to listen to. I love hip hop & rap and I especially appreciate the expert lyricism and creativity of some of the hip hop legends like Outkast, Eminem, Nas, and Biggie.

In the world of technology, I hope to make a change in the world and help others with some of my creations. I have big aspirations for my short time on this planet, I look up to the great human minds like Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Nikola Tesla and I am amazed by their influence through their incredibly innovative contributions to the world. I am actively on the hunt to learn more about the technologies that I believe I can use to make a change. Curiosity and my thirst for more knowledge is what drives me to be productive.

I have been exploring the world of programming and computer science since I was 11 years old, working on varying levels of projects. In High School, I was an active and contributing member in FIRST Robotics Team 1923 for all four years. Starting as a programmer, moving up through the rank of Programming Lead to Captain of the team, my interest for robotics and science never dwindled. I continue to explore my interests through projects, both professionally and on the side.

When I am not coding, I can be found making or listening to music and taking photographs. Creativity is very dear to me, and I always try to find time to spend making art, whether it be through music, photos, or programming.


  • Slydes

    A tool to easily create and share albums with one single link.

  • Lyric-Analyzer

    An attempt to automate the process of "rating" the lyrics of a given songs based on complexity and rhyme schemes

  • Mirror Bot

    Using the Reddit PRAW API to make a bot in Python that will retrieve all mirrors in a submission on r/hiphopheads.

  • Coming Soon...

    I am currently working on some projects that will be anounced shortly. Stay tuned...